Mount Kalkite VK2/SM-045

I headed out to activate Mt Kalkite on the Saturday 27th March 2016. It was a fine day and I was expecting to activate two Summits: Round Mt 2 on the return from activating Mt Kalkite.

My plans went into disarray as I will explain. I had been into this area the week before (Activation blog will follow). The previous week I had been able to drive right to the base of Munyang Mt; this was unusual, normally you would have to walk 8 km to the base of the summit, this time the boom gate at the Gungarlin River bridge was locked .

This meant I was going to have a very long walk: my plans to activate 2 summits for the day quickly faded. I had previously activated  Kalkite and Round mt 2 in 2014. On that occasion I used a mountain bike, which really took a lot of the slugging out of the trip.

I left the Home qth at around 7am  and drove to the take off point: just on 2 hr from home. I know  now why the gates were locked on the Island Bend Fire Trail: it was the Easter weekend and there were 20 odd camping groups at the Gungarlin River bridge camping area.

I should have realized in hindsight that it would be a busy weekend and that Parks would have locked up the area.

So  resigned to head off and walk down to Kalkite Gap and Activate Kalkite Mt and see how the time would pan out. I made good progress on the walk to Kalkite. It took me roughly 2.4 hrs to reach Kalkite Gap  to the point were I would make my ascent to the summit: it took me about 40 min to climb to the summit. What really  helped was that a fire had gone through the area burning off by Parks the previous year. It had done a very good job most of the scrub was just a few burnt roots left behind it made for good going. The last 150 m of the climb there are some large Granite tors. Interestingly you have gaps between them that you can easily navigate through there were several of these on the way up .When you arrive at the top you can really only find one flat area that is ideal for a shack the point is 20 m from the trig but well inside the activation zone.

The trig and best viewing point is a clump of rocks – its a shame that it is not suitable at all to set up there .


Looking back across the bridge at the Gungarlin River. Note the locked gate and the campers


Kalkite Gap


Looking North West Across The Botherum Plain


Botherum Plain Hut


Looking back across the Ford at the Gungarlin River.

Brumbies Botherum Plain

Brumbies Botherum Plain

After crossing the river we head on for another 5 km along the Botherum Plain: beautiful Alpine country.

This is a very special part of the park. I have been coming into this area since I was a kid  we used to take boats from Jindabyne and walk to the gap and then up the Botherum Plain. Below is a shot towards the gap. Kalkite is the furthermost you can see. It gives you a good idea how vast is this plain area. There are several grazing leases on these plains.


South Towards Munyang Kalkite


the Gungarlin flowing through Botherum

Trig on Mount Kalkite

Trig on Mount Kalkite

From this position is about as close as you could set up your shack I opted to

put mine on a flat area 20 meters to the right

Stations worked with conditions on 40 superb

2:07z VK3YY/P 7MHz SSB 5X3 5X7 S/S VT-013
02:08z VK2XUV 7MHz SSB 5X7 5X8
02:09z VK3FPSR 7MHz SSB 5X9 5X9
02:10z VK2IO/P 7MHz SSB 5X7 5X9
02:11z VK3MAH 7MHz SSB 5X9 5X9
02:12z VK3BED 7MHz SSB 5X9 5X9
02:14z VK1MA 7MHz SSB 5X9 5X9
02:15z VK3PF 7MHz SSB 5X6 5X9
02:16z VK4AAC/3 7MHz SSB 5X9 5X9
02:17z VK2GAZ 7MHz SSB 5X8 5X9
02:18z VK5WG 7MHz SSB 4X4 5X7
02:19z VK2FUSN 7MHz SSB 5X3 5X7
02:20z VK2YK 7MHz SSB 5X6 5X5
02:21z VK2VEX 7MHz SSB 5X7 5X5
02:22z VK3RM 7MHz SSB 5X9 5X9
02:23z VK3MCK 7MHz SSB 5X9 5X9
02:24z VK4RF 7MHz SSB 5X5 5X5
02:25z VK4HA 7MHz SSB 5X5 5X5
02:26z VK2NP 7MHz SSB 5X5 5X6
02:27z VK3ANL/P 7MHz SSB 5X9 5X8
02:28z VK1AD 7MHz SSB 5X9 5X9
02:29z VK2IN 7MHz SSB 5X9 5X9
02:30z VK3AGD 7MHz SSB 5X8 5X9
02:31z VK3SQ 7MHz SSB 5X5 5X9
02:32z VK3JAZ 7MHz SSB 5X7 5X7
02:33z VK2GQR 7MHz SSB 5X7 5X7
02:34z VK2SR 7MHz SSB 5X5 5X8

About VK2TWR

Hi I was born in 1951 in Cooma i have lived most of my life in the Snowy Mountains area know living at Nimmitabel a small village on the great dividing range South of Cooma . I am the eldest of three brothers my main interests are the outdoors bush walking amateur radio and winter skiing which I plan to combine with Sota activities during the winter. which will make the trips more enjoyable. I have been married to my Wife Judy for just over 30 years and have recently became interested in Summits on the Air or SOTA as its known I have found it most enjoyable getting out and getting regular exercise as well as enjoying the hobby
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